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Week 4/5

31 May

Big Goal: *NEW* – Lose 25lbs in 3 months for my new Weight Loss Challenge

Medium Goal: Lose 1 lb this week

This weeks goal: Go to the gym 6 days this week.

Weight: 224.2

New things are to come!! I’m super excited!


Those pregnant shirts

30 May

Today at work I was complimented on my outfit.  (I work at a posh women’s clothing store in the UK).   I was wearing one of those shirts that so many people think make you look preggers.  You know the one, they have some sort of tie right under the chest and then flow out from there.

this is me in my work uniform!

I’m not bothered by this as they are usually the only shirts that cover my ever-increasing belly buldge.  Today though a women told me how nice my new top was and how it didn’t make me look preggers at all.  A bit bold perhaps on her part.  But it made me smile non the less 🙂

What to do before a weightloss challenge?

28 May

I added a new weight loss tracker on my blog since this weight loss challenge I’ve entered in is starting soon!  Thought it would be fun to watch the ladybug climb down the rope towards my goal.  (I am very amused by the littlest thing)

I tend to have this issue with weight-loss challenges.  I eat, eat, eat.  I am so competitive, which is generally why they work for me in losing weight.  But if a challenge starts in the middle of me already losing weight I’ll completely stop what I’m doing and back track.  “NO!” I think, “I can’t lose anymore!  What if it comes down to one pound and I lost it before the challenge started!”

That is when the challenge is not really beneficial.  But I join because I know in the long run I need it to keep me going.  Sometimes I can get really up.  I can think I’m doing everything in my power to lose weight but nothing’s coming off!

This time I’m determined to treat it differently.  I joined to keep me motivated but I’m going to concentrate less on losing weight and more on sticking to what I say I’m going to do (ie: gym, eating right)  We’ll see how it goes.

Chinese Food

27 May

Eating Chinese food until I’m sick is not what I had in mind for tonight.  I had thought I’d get some yummy food since Mr.notsoChubby is out for the night.  I was so hungry by the time I order I got a bit more than I should have.  And ate it all up. Then I felt sick.

I’m not exaggerating either.  I was so ill I had to run to the toilet.  Luckily nothing came up.  Though I still feel nauseous.  (WARNING TMI ALERT) I did on the other hand at least relieve some pressure in other ways.  I have to say… you need to take a cold hard look at yourself in the mirror if after eating you can’t even twist your body to wipe your own ass because you’re so bloated.


The invisible period

26 May

I have PCOS (Polycystic Overy Syndrom).  It’s health problem that affects everything from my menstrual cycle to my weight to my hair growth and beyond.  It is quite possibly the most annoying thing in existence (Ok so that comment is a completely selfish remark but I’m allowed that every now again).

This month the dreaded invisible period has decided to make an appearance (or lack of one depending on how you look at it.)  It’s not all it’s cracked up to be though.  You might think, “NO PERIOD!! WOO!”  But it’s not like that.  I still get the cramps only they’re spread out for about 5 days as opposed to 1 horribly excruciating day.  It also means I have PMS like you wouldn’t believe.  Watching to bumble bees getting it on reminds me of spring time and babies and I tear up.   It’s like having pregnancy hormones only without the added bonus of actually being pregnant.

The thing is IP hasn’t visited me for over a year.   My lovely normal period (up until last month)  loved to come calling every 35 days or so on average and we’d have a good chat for a day or so and then she’d be on her way.  I’m scared this mean nasty invisible one is back.

I try to justify why she’s back.  But there’s only one explanation  or well 224 of them.  So that is my main goal for losing weight at the moment.  To get my old friend back.