Goals for a new me

8 May

My life has gotten out of hand.  I am at a weight I haven’t been in a few years.  (224)  There I’ve said it!  I am 224 pounds!   I’m not afraid to say it out loud because that will not be my weight for much longer.  Starting tomorrow my new life goals.  Why tomorrow?  Because tomorrow I have to run a 10k.  I am 224 pounds and I am attempting to run a 10k.  I’m not even the fit kind of 224lbs.  You know the kind where you used to be 300 so at 224 you look amazing.  I’m at the, I used to be 200lbs and now can’t tie my shoes without my stomach getting in the way, 224.

I have a sister who is ill (we’ll get to that another day), I have a mother who could be more helpful but at a rare moment in her life has made a huge impact.  She has given my sister 3 “Have To’s” a day.  They are the same 3 “Have To’s” everyday.  She’s not allowed to sit down a veg until those 3 are finished.  It’s a way to start and form habits.  And so this blog is formed.

My 3 “Have To’s” for the next 6 weeks:

  1. Set aside at least 15 min a day to blog everyday.  – This will prove to be extremely hard.  I hardly ever finish anything I start, nor am I a fan of writing.  But there is something inside of my that wants to blog on a daily basis and so I will
  2. Excercise for 30 min everyday. – This will include getting my bum out of bed BEFORE work to go to the gym.
  3. No Chocolate or Sugar. – I once tried no chocolate for 28 days when I decided I was out of hand addicted to it.  To find out I was quickly substituting sweets for it instead.  So this time I will be cutting out both.

Is it extreme?  Yes.   But sometimes it takes the extreme to obtain the normal.


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