The ankle strap wouldn’t even fit

9 May

Today was my first ever 10k run at the Ignis Asset Management – Women’s 10k!   I have run a few 5k’s in the process of becoming healthy and a few months ago when I was on the verge of getting there I thought “let’s run a 10k!!”   Not such a good idea anymore.   I totally thought I could handle it.  I thought I would get out there and all my past references of running would come rushing back.  WRONG!  Nearing the 3k I completely lost it.  I hit such a runners block there were women much fatter and much older passing me while walking.  There was even a lady with a stroller who just strolled on past.   This of course caused me to start crying.  And as I needed to use the loo horribly bad, with none in sight this caused an even further surge of tears.

So there I am just after the 5k marker.  I haven’t ran in about 10 min and my eyes are leaking as are other parts of me.  Finally… FINALLY there’s a Port-a-Potty so I stop off to drop a few.  After emerging from the stankness, the best song I could hear at that particular moment came on my Ipod.   “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…. My chains are gone! I’ve been set free!”  I was so far back in the pack that the smokers had caught up with me.  So I ran.  I ran and I ran and I ran.   I finished the race in 1:51:05.  I am rather proud so don’t you say otherwise.


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