The best thing about fellowshipping is the food

12 May

I once did a bible study/nutritional study that gave me really great advice.  Food is meant to be enjoyed.  We don’t have to dread hanging out with our friends because they’ll be eating yummy food while you have a carrot stick and some water.   Jesus fellowshipped with others and when he did he ate food.  The time it’s bad to eat those chocolates and cheese fries is when we’re alone.  Which is why I look forward to Wednesday nights with my house church. 🙂

It happens every other week but when it does I just can’t seem to stay away from all the yummyness.   Our hosts always have an array of gorgeous smelling breads layed out to go with some sort of white rice dish every night.  They then top it up with desserts of all sorts.  Tonight it was peanut m&ms, marshmallows, and doughnuts… Oh my!  (Think Dorothy)  Did I go a bit crazy?  Sure, but that’s what fellowshipping is all about (That and learning about the bible,  tomAto… tomaaato)

On a completely unrelated note I went swimming today for the first time in over a year!! It was indoors but it was still wet and made me smell like chlorine, so it was good.   I’m looking into maybe switching gyms.  The new one has a pool and the old one doesn’t.  So I think we know which one is going to win out.


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