What they don’t tell you about steam rooms

13 May

So this new gym I’m trying out this week has a wonderful spa area.   Inside the pool are there is a hot tub, sauna and steam room.  I have visited the first two in many of the gyms I have gone to over the course of my short life thus far.  But the latter was brand new to me.  I did know what to expect, how to act or where to keep my eyes.  I’ve seen scenes in T.V. shows and movies where people are naked in the steam rooms.  Luckily it’s a coed spa area so I think I’m safe in that respect.  I was the only in there today so truthfully I still can’t answer that part.

I can tell you a few things though.  Firstly there are the water droplets.  They form on the ceiling and they burn you as the fall on your skin.  Scarily enough if you decide to lay on your back while in a steam room (Still haven’t found out if that’s ‘kosher’ but I did it anyways) keep your eyes closed as they may fall in and the burn your retinas.  Ok not really but it really hurt when it fell in mine.   Secondly there’s the issue of the heat.  Do not try to breathe in through your nose.  Your nostril hairs will singe off.  Of course for some of you that may be helpful.   And lastly there’s all the steam!  I can see why people go naked as whatever you bring in there will get soaked.  I brought my one and only towel along with me today.  I’ll tell you, it was hard drying up later after my shower.

How to use a steam room:

  • Shower before entering.  Not only is it more sanitary it also helps to remove dirt and icky sweat.  That will allow you to sweat properly and healthily.  I also personally found it was more comfortable to go in there wet as opposed to dry and then the steam getting to me.
  • Remove any jewelry as it can become hot and irritate you.  I personally left all my earring in (even though your advised otherwise) but I did take off my wedding ring.
  • Expect to stay in the steam room for 10-15 minutes but never over 20 minutes.  You’ll have to figure out how best to keep the time in your own steam room.  Oddly mine had no clock or timer so next time I’ll bring in my watch and sit it next time me.
  • Always sit on a towel since there are loads of old people’s bums sitting on those benches (fun visual eh?).  Just bring an extra if you want to shower later.
  • When you’re all done try to cool down gradually by slipping in the pool if you can.  Closing the pores with the cold after the heat will help seal the lovely steam in.
  • Once you are officially cooled down you can go in the steam room again!  (This is my favourite part!)  and again! and again!

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