Morning sickness

19 May

So this morning I felt sick.  Like super nauseous sick.  It was the oddest thing.  I was perfectly fine getting ready for work.  I made some eggs to go with toast.  Sat down at the table with the computer to eat my breakfast.  Took one bite of it and had to run to the bathroom.  Now I have an extremely strong stomach.  I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve ever thrown up, so luckily I didn’t.  I swear though if I were normal all that would have come back up. (truthfully sometimes I wish I would just toss it up)  I felt that way until around 11am, almost going home sick.  Then I felt fine, fine enough to not even use it as an excuse to NOT go to the gym.  Let me tell you…  I always have an excuse not to go the gym

The annoying thing is Mr.notsoChubby (Who is called so because he’s so thin he’s actually UNDER weight) and I are actually trying to conceive.  I am also 1 week late.  Don’t get all preachy on me to take a test.  I did.. it’s negative.  Don’t tell me that I should take another one.  This exact thing happened last month (I wasted 3 tests!) to find my period hot and heavy 2 weeks past when it was due.  So in other words I’m not getting my hopes up, I’m just more annoyed that my body has all of a sudden decided NOT to do what it’s told after a lovely 7 months of almost spot on periods.  I have PCOS by the way.  Maybe more on that tomorrow.  But for those who do know, understand.


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