New Weight Loss Challenge!!

20 May

So there’s a blog I read on the rare occasion I have a chance to.   Project – Look Good Naked.  Katy over there has decided it’s time to do something about her weight and wants us all to join in!   Which I have decided to be apart of.  It’s only $10 to join and the top 4 contestants will get prizes. (Heck yeas!)  You can visit the link I gave above for more info or you can e-mail Katy directly at

  • Start Date: June 1st
  • End Date: August 31st

So that’s only 3 months of your life to drastically change it.  Sign me up!   I fully intend to track my challenges, failures, successes, highs, lows and so much more.  If you’re apart of the challenge and have come over here to check out your competition *waves*  Bring it on!  hahaha

Big Goal: Lose 12lbs in 6 weeks

Medium Goal: 2 lbs a week

Today’s Goal: Go to Spin class at 6:45

Weight: 224.4

Wish me luck!


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