Sun vs. Gym

22 May

I didn’t go to the gym yesterday.  I didn’t go today either.  What I did do today was spend the entire day outside and at the beach.   Do I feel guilty?  A smidgen yes but the sun on my skin would feel otherwise 🙂

You may be thinking.. the beach is nothing extraordinary you can go any ‘ol day.  But not when you live in a country that out of 365 days you get maybe 10 of those with sun.  And out of those 10 you get 1 maybe 2 days that are over 20C/70F.

I still have tomorrow, but now I’m feeling so exhausted from today I can’t really be bothered getting up in the morning before work.  I’m already have a bad eating week so it doesn’t look like week 2 is turning out that good.  This always happens! GAH!  I wish something could be different for a change.  I just want to stick with a healthy life style for a change.


One Response to “Sun vs. Gym”

  1. Chinky May 23, 2010 at 7:12 am #

    I wonder if you can do something active in the sun….

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