[Ice cream/Gym] [Walking/Chinese] = Balance?

4 Jun

Today I had a nice day at work.  I found out when my interview is for next week so I’m really looking forward to that now.   Hopefully I don’t use studying for the interview as any excuse for not going to the gym.   If I can spend 2 hours of my life everyday this week watching Britain’s Got Talent.  I can only imagine I can find some time to hit the gym. hahaha

So after work today I had a double scoop ice cream.  The weather was so nice I just really wanted the nice ice cream while sitting outside.  I’m actually proud of myself, I usually get a triple scoop.  After that I went home and got changed to go to the gym.  I wanted to hit the spin class today (I love me some spin!)  I didn’t realize it was a 30 min class though, so I decided to hit  BodyBalance as well!!  That’s 1:30 of working out!  That’s 675 Calories! WOOT WOOT!

Oh yea, and that after that Mr.notsoChubby and I had chinese.  Hmm… counterproductive much?  But we did walk there and back!!  Would this be considered Balance?  or Justifying?


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