Inappropriate Spinning

5 Jun

Do you have very large legs and yet enjoy spinning?    When they tell you to spin as fast as you can do you actually feel as though your fat may very well shake right off of you because of how much your moving your legs in order to go as fast as you can?  Because I do.   I love spinning, I love it so much.  But I just can’t do it the way all those skinny people do.  I have actual bruises on the inside of my thunder thighs where they bounce off the adjuster right under the seat when I spin super fast.  And when I’m in third position while standing, my thighs keep getting stuck on the under side of the seat!  *shakes head*

Today the instructor had us doing these squat things while cycling, only I couldn’t do the squat! My too fat of an ass kept getting a little too close and personal with the seat.  Here everyone in the class is somehow in-between their handle bars and seat and spinning and squatting.  I on the other hand was one step away from a fetish porno.


One Response to “Inappropriate Spinning”

  1. Chinky June 8, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    Can’t say I ever tried spinning; not a fan of cardio-ish stuff on land. I wonder if putting a light low-friction towel of some sort would solve some of the problems. Gotta applaud you for your honesty. I guiltily admit I laughed.

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