Coin-Toss Walk

8 Jun

So Mr. notsoChubby and I are out on one of our new-found nightly walks when he comes up with a brilliant idea that he once heard of.  “Let’s flip a coin to see which direction we’re going to go.”  See, I personally am in love with this idea as I tend to get bored walking around the same area over and over again.  So just last night we ended up quite far from the flat (apartment for all those Americans sniggering at my new words).  So what should have been only a simple 30 min walk turned into a really fun 1 hour walk.

So here are the easy peasy lemon squeezey rules of “Coin-Toss Walk”:

  • Choose a coin
  • Put on comfy walking shoes
  • Walk outside
  • Start walking  (you dieing with excitement at this point, I can tell)
  • Whenever you come to a junction flip the coin!
  • Tails = LEFT  Heads = RIGHT
  • So obviously if you flip over Tails you turn to the left, and if you flip over Head you turn to the right.
  • TRICKY PART!  If you come to a 3-way junction you’ll be flipping twice.  You’ll need to narrow the 3 roads down to 2.  This will mean the straight path will have a slightly higher chance of being chosen, but it’s still fun.
  • Left path/Straight path = Tails   Straight path/Right path = Heads
  • Once you have narrowed them down them split them up once again and follow the rules from the beginning (example:  If you have flipped heads, the straight path then becomes left=tails and the right path becomes right=heads)
  • Enjoy! Only don’t get lost.

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