Fish finger smiles and TV

18 Jun

I haven’t been feeling so hot lately.  I think I may have had what was my first experience with nauseousness last night.  And it was definitely something I do not want to experience again.  Mix that on top of really, really bad cramps and I was in for a rough night.  Luckily I have the greatest man a girl could ask for.

First he made me dinner that would make anyone smile.

And then after feeling better and having a romp around the bedroom I felt extremely ill.  I don’t think that made Mr.notsoChubby feel so loved. hahaha.  He did try to make it up to me though by putting a TV and DVD player in the bedroom.  I had mentioned that I would just like to fall asleep to something that would take my mind off of everything so around the flat he went and voila!  My very own TV now! He even gave up his own playstation so I could have a DVD player.  True Love?  I think so!

Truth be told though my diet has never been better.  I don’t eat unless I’m hungry and I don’t eat as many sweets for fear of hurting the baby.  I think I like this whole situation 🙂


One Response to “Fish finger smiles and TV”

  1. Ginger June 20, 2010 at 4:19 am #

    it is awesome to have good support. happy your hubby was there for ya.

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