Weekly update

2 Jul

I last posted on Monday, it is now Friday.  Does that tell you the kind of week I’ve had?

Tuesday, I had the day off and did nothing but sit around.  I want to say it’s because I didn’t feel good.  But sadly I think I have to admit that I was just totally lazy.  I should have gone to the gym but instead watched sex and the city all day.  Ok I did take about 30 min out of my “busy” schedule to clean the bedroom up.  Dust and all.  But as I sit here in the said bedroom and look around at the mess I wonder what the point of it was?

Wednesday, I went to work and realized just how much I hate my job.

Thursday, The same as Wednesday.  Still hate my job, only now I’ve found out I’m being reprimanded for closing the shop early a few Sundays ago because I was so sick I could barely stand.  I know I did the wrong thing, I completely understand that.  But in my mind I did the right thing.  I was the only Manager on Duty that day and I didn’t want to bother any of the others on their day off.  So I decided to do what we’ve done in the past when we’ve had a work night out or something, close the shop 30 min early.   But apparently now it’s been sent up the ladder and I have a phone conference with myself, my branch manager, our area manager and the HR department.  HR is there to support me I was told.  Support me?  For what?  I may hate my job but I don’t want to get fired.  That wouldn’t be good for getting a new job.

Friday, I gave my new CV (resume) into a store I found that was hiring.  *crosses fingers*


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