Make a plan and stick to it.

17 Jul

Thursday night I had a plan.  My plan was to get up Friday morning, eat breakfast consisting  of one piece of toast with two egg whites and one egg all with a glass of milk.  Directly after breakfast my plan was to go to the gym.  My idea was I was not allowed to turn the TV until I had gone to the gym.  I then planned to eat my lunch after the gym while being allowed to watch 1 show.  But after that show I would have to turn off the TV and start tidying the house.  The goal being after I tidied I could lay back down and/or take a nap but that I needed to try to keep a clean house for Mr.notsoChubby and I while I’m off.

I am proud to announce I did all that I had planned.  It’s the weekend and obviously having Mr.nsC home with me has taken me a bit off the plan but we did go for a walk so at least I go something in eh?  I do fully intend to pick it back up on Monday though.  This week for VBL may not go so well but I have a good feeling about the following week.


One Response to “Make a plan and stick to it.”

  1. Michelle July 17, 2010 at 6:16 pm #

    well done on sticking with your plan! I know you can do it next week too!

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