Week 8/14

20 Jul

Big Goal: Get below 220

  • Ok so losing 25 lbs became a bit harder than I expected after getting pregnant.  So my new goal is to just get under 220.  At the moment that would be 6lbs in 6 weeks.

Medium Goal: Lose 1 lb this week

  • Last week I said I could do it, but alas nothing.  We’ll see how this weeks goes.  Today isn’t helping seeing as I’m so week I can hardly get off the couch.  Then again I’m so ill I only want to eat grapes.  Positive?

This weeks goal: Go to the Gym once a day

  • I did good yesterday with the whole go to the gym before I turn the TV on thing.  Today not so good but I am not beating myself up because I feel so sick.

Weight: 225.0

  • wow a whole .2 loss.  I should have a party. 😛


One Response to “Week 8/14”

  1. Ginger July 20, 2010 at 5:35 pm #

    a loss is a loss!! take it and love it :p even if you didnt go to the gym and went walking you would be getting exercise and your body would thank you

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