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Say NO to mom hair

27 Aug

I think I need a change in my hair colour and style. I refuse to have “mom” hair. So I want to have something easy but something I can still style. What do you think of this style and colour?
I would maybe even get the brown a bit lighter with some highlights through it.


Last day of VBL!

24 Aug

Last day of the Virtual Biggest Loser Competition today!! My goodness has it been 12 weeks already?  Sadly I think my pregnancy has caught up with me because today I weighed in at 232.   232!!!!  That’s a weight gain of 8 lbs already.  I am NOT ok with this.  I understand, I truly do, that you’re meant to gain weight during pregnancy.  But when you’re already “obese” (I loathe that word) you’re only meant to gain upwards of 11lbs.  Uh… do the math.  Unless I plan to have a 4lb baby I need to really do something about this.   Perhaps eating Ikea meatballs, chicken burritos, and chocolate cheesecake all in one day isn’t helping?

Did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?

18 Aug

I’m back from Sicily but too busy and tired to tell all the juicy details quite yet. So instead I want show you what makes me smile on a daily basis 🙂

Sicily here we come!

8 Aug

We go to Sicily tomorrow for a week!! (Sicily is the bit of land that the “Boot of Italy” is kicking.) We’re going to see a friend of mine get married there.  I’m so super excited to finally swim in a pool outside! And to do nothing but read a book in the sun.  Oh how I’ve missed the heat.  We’re also stopping in Paris on the way back for a day.  Paris!! I feel like a little girl in a doll shop with this trip.  I’m super excited to see all these exotic places that, as an American, I wouldn’t normally get to see.  It’s crazy how easy getting to Paris is when you live on the other side of the pond.

Cauliflower instead of Potatoes?

3 Aug

Are you a fan of Potatoes especially of the mashed variety?  They can be the best side dish to yummy breast of chicken or a strip of steak.  But all the Butter, Milk and Carbs (OH MY!)  in those deliciously creamy mash can cause the dieter in us to feel the guilt later on.  Introducing…. Mashed Cauliflower!!  It’s got the same color, you mash it like potatoes, and you add the same ingredients.  So automatically it’smashed potatoes only healthier right?

NOT!!  Whoever tried to sell me this shit lie is about to get cauliflower shoved up their vegetable loving ass (and I DON’T intend to steam it first).  Incase you’re not getting my point, mashed cauliflower is not the same as mashed potatoes.  Let’s call a spade a spade here ok? Mashed cauliflower is cauliflower that has been mashed.  So it still TASTES like cauliflower. It is not, and will never be a substitute for the real thing.

I’m not saying the mashed form of this white vegetable is disgusting by any means.  If anything it’s a decent side dish if you’re sick of the same boring steamed beans and brocoli.  But it’s not the creamy, lusciousness that is mashed potatoes.  And I don’t intend to feel the guilt of eating the potatoes on the occasion that I do.   Potatoes get a bad wrap because of all these tooty fruity people and their low-carb diets.  But if you eat them in moderation and you keep the skin on (my favourite type of mashed potatoes have the skin on them, yum! yum!) they’re a great source of minerals, vitamins and fibre.  Now I’m off to make me some. 🙂