A pregnancy dream, the first of many

2 Sep

I had what I would consider is my first real pregnancy dream last night.   It was so real that I woke up believing I actually had my baby already.  I simply was having cramps while I was sleeping and so was driven to the hospital.  Only I was still so tired that I slept the whole way to the hospital.  Not sure who drive me as Mr.NotsoChubby can’t drive, but anyhow…  I was then all of a sudden in the delivery room about to give birth.  I remember being really, really nervous and really, really afraid of the pain.  But also I was still really, really tired.  For some reason she had to stick her hand up my woohoo to get things moved around or something and I remember that being the most painful thing of all time.  Yet I was still half asleep so I just sat there and tried to stay calm so that I could get back to sleep after she was finished.  When she pulled her hand out the head of the baby came with it and then all of a sudden that was me wide awake.  She asked if I wanted to feel it, so I did.  And as I was touching the baby’s head the whole thing just slipped right out with out much pain.  I knew in my dream I gave birth early, mainly becaaause we weren’t expecting to go into the hospital.  And for some reason I knew the date was Feb 10 (we’re due Feb 12).   For the remainder of the dream I merely carried her around with me.  Constantly thinking about the birth and how much less painful it was than I expected.  She was quite large to be honest though and when i tried to breast feed her it turned out she had teeth.  I woke up after that.  Grateful really, I wasn’t sure where it was going…


2 Responses to “A pregnancy dream, the first of many”

  1. Michelle September 2, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    Wow! Now that’s a vivid dream…I bet that messed you up for a while after that!

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