TSP’s production of Rent

4 Sep

I went to go see Rent yesterday with Mr.notsoChubby.   This production was by an Amateur company called Theatre South Productions.  Amateur they may have been and amateur some of them definitely were but for the most part it was fantastic.  This is coming from a girl who has seen Rent in 4 other theaters one of them actually being in NYC (greatest moment of my life!).  I am what you would call a complete Rent Head.  I own the full 2 disc CD along with the best of CD.  I own both the movie and the live theater show.  All of which I either watch or listen to nearly on a daily basis.

My favourite of the bunch had to have been Mark (played by Iain Runciman).  He may have been one of the best Marks I’ve actually seen.  His voice was fantastic but on top of that his acting was right on target.  He was the epitome of Mark.  He looked more like Mark that the original actor who played him looked like Mark.  It was as though he as born to play Mark.  I would think he should really look into joining a real company so he can tour with an actual Rent show, obviously playing Mark.  The next few people who really impressed me were Maureen (played by Melanie Morrison0) and Angel (played by Sean McGovern).  I usually find the role of Maureen to be quite irritating if the right actress doesn’t play her but I fell in love with Morrisono’s “Moo with me” scene.   McGovern who is apparently an amateur to the amateur company was spellbinding.  His ability to play what I consider one of the hardest roles in the whole show, and without much stage experience was fantastic.  He had me crying during his more intense scenes.  That says a lot considering how many times I’ve seen it.  Other than those three it truly was an Amateur production.  Roger (Jonathan Collins) had a lisp and tended to over sing way too much.  Mimi (Christina Leon) was, without trying to be rude, the worst thing about the show.  She made me cringe everything she came on stage.  It was a toss-up between her bad acting and her flat notes.  She most likely got the job because of her quite Mimi sized breasts.   Benny (Michael Hastie) and Joanne (Joanne McLean) were really what I expected from much of the rest of them.  Decent voice, decent acting though nothing to write home about.

I loved being able to experience one of the greatest musicals of all time in an environment that gave average people the ability to be apart of it.  I could see the delight and the passion all the way through to the chorus.  I hope they keep it up the great shows!


3 Responses to “TSP’s production of Rent”

  1. tenpounds September 5, 2010 at 8:38 pm #

    I love Rent too – and I get to teach it in school! And my senior choir sang Seasons of Love in last year’s concert! How pleasing is that?

    • thechubbygrl September 6, 2010 at 10:12 am #

      That would be awesome to get to teach that! Especially Seasons of Love. I always notice its the song everyone does, I think mainly because it’s the only appropriate song to sing. hahaha

      • tenpounds September 6, 2010 at 6:50 pm #

        Quite! I teach the show to 17-year-olds as part of and academic course on the musical in general, and there are only certain very definite sections I could ever watch/do in class. Even explaining to the students who everyone is and how the relationships work always raises some eyebrows…

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