Listening vs. Sucking it up

6 Sep

The biggest problem I’m having with this pregnancy at the moment is whether or not to listen to my body.  Being an overweight girl, I’ve constantly been told not to listen to my body.  To push past the pain and only then will I succeed.  I’m meant to continue running that mile even though my insides are about to explode because I can’t get enough breath in.  I meant to do one last set of bicep curls even though my muscles are ripping at the seem.  Because see you learn, you won’t explode… and they won’t rip.

But now, I’m pregnant.  And all you ever hear when your pregnant is to listen to you body.  Hungry? EAT!  Tired? REST! Horrible cramping pains? SIT DOWN!  Only thing is when is listening to your body too much?  Should I be pushing my self more?  I’ve already gained like 10 lbs and I’m only 17 weeks in.  Does that mean I need to stop eating as much?  But then I can’t do that because I get really nauseous if I get too hungry.  So then maybe I need to eat healthier?  Only I have this aversion to pretty much anything that isn’t burritos, grapes or popcorn.  So how do I work that out?  The tiredness I can deal with.  I have learned while at work you just have to suck it up.  My eyes get really sore and I end up with migraines when I get home, but I’ve learned I or babyhopefullyneverchubby won’t be in any danger. But then there are this cramping pains (NOT the normal growing ones, more like contractions) I’m getting just now.  Is it normal? Is it preterm labour? Is it hurting the baby?  Is it fine?  I DON’T KNOW!!!  And I don’t think the stressing is helping. Nor are incompetent GPs (Doctors).


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