Baby Swimming Inflatable Neck Collar Float Ring

12 Sep

Have you seen this product? Apparently called the Baby Swimming Inflatable Neck Collar Float Ring (Seriously couldn’t think of a more clever name for it?) It’s meant to go around a baby’s neck to give them full access while swimming. It’s supposed to be great for children who are much younger and don’t have the ability to hold their heads up yet. But those children still want to be able to kick and swim without mommy’s or daddy’s hand getting in the way.

On first viewing I was appalled, scared, disgusted and just plain weirded out. Though while I kept doing my homework I’ve actually decided that I want one!! I’m obsessed with getting my little cute babykins into the water asap. I was told I could do it as early as 2 months old in the indoor pool I go to so long as they seem happy! I’m so pumped.

The only actual thing stopping me from getting this awesome cool ring though is the looks I will ultimately get from others at the pool. The same looks I initially gave this interesting invention. So I supposed I’ll stick with the holding tight thing for now and see if they’ll like a floatie later on 🙂


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