18 weeks and Nesting

16 Sep

So I’ve been off work for a week and some days with this UTI but I finally went back to work on Tuesday.  Truth be told I had a great day with lots of energy to do things like talk to customers and make jokes with the girls as opposed to trying to sleep in the fitting room when no ones looking.    So when I woke up Wednesday morning with horrible cramps and feeling nauseous again I lost it because I thought I would never feel better again.  I called off work and just laid around the house.  That was until about 2pm when all of a sudden I decided the dishes needed done.

While the dishes were soaking in the sink I realized that the stove was a mess.  Along with the stove was the microwave, then the countertops, then the coffee maker, then the stove, then the windows.   After the windows came the shelves in the living room (attached to the kitchen so I saw they were messy while cleaning the counters)  Then I found random crap lying around the living room that belonged in the bedroom.  So once I stepped in the bedroom I realized my jewelry needed organized and my dressing table needed wiped down.  Amongst many other bedroom oriented cleaning.  So much for being sick eh?

I thought it would just be a one day thing but when I woke up this morning I decided it was time to tackle the guest bedroom.  I’m sure you have a room like that in your house.  The room all your junk goes to die.  It’s a bit like the Leaky Cauldron (Potter reference) only if you really want to see it will it appear.  Otherwise you pretend it doesn’t exist.

FINALLY! you can see the bed (I’ll be cleaning the bedding next week if I still feel this way)  The desk is all wiped down and germ free, the clothes and books we’ve been wanting to donate for about a month now are all down in my car now waiting to go to Goodwill.   The numerous baby gifts we’ve been given all have home and I am now proud to sit in that room and do my hair and make up in the morning. 🙂

You must realize that although I like a clean house, it doesn’t mean I clean it.  Over the past 18 weeks I have learned to live with the laundry coming out of my ass and the dust that is 2 inches thick.    The dishes that start to pile up so high we’re actually losing counter space and the kitchen floor that you need to watch where you walk so you don’t step on a cheerio.  God Bless Mr.notsoChubby but he can only do so much as one person.  Though as I say that the apartment is spotless and gorgeous because of one person.  Perhaps he should step it up a bit. hahaha.


One Response to “18 weeks and Nesting”

  1. Chinky September 19, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

    Productiveness is productiveness is productiveness! And damn, I should hire you to clean my room or something. I’ve been so low energy lately that all my sailing gear is just sprawled out on the floor.

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