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The OW’s of Pregnancy

26 Nov

I read this in my baby forum I read all the time and thought I would share it as it made me giggle

Your baby is doing the Onesie Workout! Yes ladies, the OW is where it is at for the modern baby!

If you want to develop that cute baby bottom mommies love to kiss, if you want that chubby little baby belly daddies love to tickle then the OW is for you.

Just follow these simple steps to turn your in-utero gym to your full advantage:

* baby bum development: the bladder is where it is at babies! A series of well placed jumping jacks on the bouncy, bouncy bladder gives a perfect resistance for your exercising.
Added bonus is, this will make your mommy control unit get up and have a pee, meaning after your workout you will have that all important more leg room coming with an empty bladder.

* baby upper body strenght: just give that stomach some well aimed right hooks, feel that bounce back!
Added bonus here, your mommy control unit will likely munch on something which will make your watery surrounds taste loads better!

* the rib cage jungle gym for your enjoyment: kick it, swing from it or tickle it like a piano, the rib cage is just perfect for some light entertainment.

The Onesie Workout will have you transformed into that bouncy, bubbly bundle of baby joy that makes the room go ‘awwww’!

** The Onesie Workout is brought to you by the writers of ‘How to have maximum fun with mommies breakfast’ and ‘Why keeping mommy awake all night is really for her own good – including seven new places to kick’ and the publishers of ‘How to direct hormones directly at daddy in 98 easy steps’. **

Thanks MiuMiow for making me laugh. 🙂


I want to keep my placenta

22 Nov

Never in a million years did I think I would a med free birth. Never in a million years did I think I would home birth. And yet I now after loads of research and training intend to do both. So I suppose it should come to no shock that after weeks of people asking me what I’m doing with my placenta and me telling them throwing it away… duh. I have come to the conclusion that I am now going to keep it. That’s right ladies and gentleman I am becoming a hippie. hahaha.

I don’t intend to hug the placenta or eat it in any way, sick. I read about a way of drying the placenta out and then encapsulating it to make Placenta Pills! Apparently they’re amazing in helping with the baby blues and getting your energy up after birth. They’re even more beneficial if you’ve lost a lot of blood after birth as it helps to replenish it. In addition to all of those benefits it’s also amazing at producing more milk for your baby. Some women have to take supplement pills to help their lactation along but with these super awesome pills they can do it naturally!

This is the recipe I intend to try.

Cut off the cord and membranes.

Steam the placenta, adding lemon grass, pepper and ginger to the steaming water. The placenta is “done” when no blood comes out when you pierce it with a fork.

Cut the placenta into thin slices (like making jerky) and bake in a low-heat oven (200-250 degrees F), until it is dry and crumbly (several hours).

Crush the placenta into a powder – using a food processor, blender, mortar and pestle, or by putting it in a bag and grinding it with rocks.

Put the powder into empty gel caps (available at drug and health food stores) or just add a spoonful to your cereal, blender drink, etc.

The recommended doses very, some suggest up to 4 capsules a day, others just one. Perhaps the best advice is to take what makes you feel good

Because I’m still completely squeamish about the whole thing I’ve asked Mr.notsoChubby if he’s ok with doing the steaming and cutting part. I just don’t think I could do that to my own placenta. *shudders* But I’ll help with the baking and pounding into a powder. A group effort!

It’s a girl!

21 Nov

I was asked the other day how I felt the day I found out the sex of babyhopefullyneverchubby.  I was ecstatic to say the least. I had wanted a girl from the moment we found out we were pregnant. And though I knew I’d obviously be happy either way I wasn’t hiding the fact that I wanted a little girl.

At our 16 week private scan when she told me it was a girl and was pretty certain I could go buy all the lovely pink things,  I started to cry. I can’t help but tell everyone she’s a girl. And I always get the same thing “What if it’s a boy” My answer is always “What if you shut your mouth?” I’ve had it confirmed at my 20 week so I’m 99.9% certain my little Phoebe is a Phoebe!!

Midwife is on board with our Homebirth!

19 Nov

Well I had always thought I would be a hospital kinda gal.  That was until I started hypnobirthing and out of nowhere I feel I have the confidence to do this at home.  My concern was that Mr.notsoChubby wouldn’t be too keen on the idea but when I was expressing to him some of my concerns as to where we would but the birthing pool, if we could even have a birthing pool, etc… he had an answer for everything.  So in other words he had already thought about this and seemed to be up for the idea.  He still needed some time to decide though.  As he was more afraid of being so far away from the hospital incase anything happened.  But in the end we both decided it was definitely for us!

Well this afternoon we had another midwife appointment and it was then that I was going to let her know that I had changed my mind about the hospital birth and would now be having a home birth.  I knew all my rights, I knew she couldn’t say no, I knew she had to support me and yet I was so scared she wouldn’t be ok with me doing it.

In the end she of course said she would support me if that’s what my decision was but then naturally went on to say things like “Since it’s your first birth you’ll most likely have a long labour”  my response “You have a chance of having any length of labour with any pregnancy”   So she also said “With it being your first we’re a bit apprehensive because we don’t know how your body will handle it”  Again my answer was, “Every pregnancy I have will be different so we would never know how my body will handle it.”
She seemed pretty confident in my answers and towards the end she seemed completely on board with me.  She is the head midwife and has told me that although she’s personally never done a home birth and has never even seen a water birth she’s going to get herself educated in both.  I really appreciated her enthusiasm towards the end of the appointment.

She mentioned quite a few times that if anything were to go wrong she would send me to the hospital and how I would feel about that.  I of course said if there was any serious medical reason why I would need to go, I would go.  I had wanted to say it’s a fear of mine that an untrained midwife will be jumpy at any little problem and want to send me away.  But I didn’t.  I figured enough for the day and I would just get her to see that I trust her and her judgement.  I figure on the day if anything were to go wrong I will just make sure Mr.notsoChubby is secure enough to properly question why anything would need to be done.  Me?  I’ll be in a relaxed state and be pretending no one exists! hahaha

Better on paper.

17 Nov

I got a phone call today from a new BBC3 TV show about being healthy while you’re pregnant.  There was a post on this pregnancy board that I go to occasionally asking if there were women who were overweight and concerned about their weight in relation to their baby.  So naturally I contacted them as all I keep doing is gaining weight.

Interestingly they couldn’t message me back (something to do with not enough posts to send messages on the board) so she found a thread I had posted in and tried to contact me that way!  When I was talking to her on the phone she talked about how she googled my username to find posts I had posted on so she could contact me!  She seemed really keen on getting ahold of me which I was rather excited about 🙂

She was super sweet and lovely.  She got me talking all about how I met Mr.notsoChubby and why I’m now living in the UK instead of the States and all that.  But I felt as though the more I talked the less keen she was on me.  😦  I think maybe I’m too aware of myself.  I know I shouldn’t be eating but I do, I know I should go to the gym but I don’t.  It seemed she was really looking for completely hopeless cases of women who don’t care or something.  But alas I had to be me right?

I’m super bummed because you get like £200 in Mothercare vouchers, a free 4D scan and loads of really cool medical equipment to check on your health that you wouldn’t normally get on the NHS.  She mentioned something about an amazing body composition machine.  I love stuff like that!  In the end she basically said “don’t call us we’ll call you.” hahahaha  Oh well, I’ve been there before.  I get so close to being on a TV program one other time.  That was until they talked to me and then… nothing.  I guess I’m better on paper.