I dream in round-a-bouts

8 Nov

Being a born and raised American now living in Scotland its normal for me to have some confusion when it comes to a few things.  Are those things aubergines or eggplants?  Is that a milkshake with ice cream or just a milkshake that you literally shook up and are now trying to sell to me for double the price as your milk?

Well last night I had a dream I was running away from a small, black, dwarf thing (yea it’s the hormones).  But when I woke up I was more confused about how I was running away from him.  See in my dream I would run into my car and drive around the block hoping to lose him.  Only thing was, I was driving on the right side of the road but still going around the round-a-bout like I was in the UK.  Odd?

The moral of this story?  I’m more afraid for my driving abilities than the small, black, dwarf thing.


One Response to “I dream in round-a-bouts”

  1. Michelle November 8, 2010 at 3:07 pm #

    All I kept thinking was a round about would be a horrible way to run away from a black dwarf or anything! 🙂

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