Better on paper.

17 Nov

I got a phone call today from a new BBC3 TV show about being healthy while you’re pregnant.  There was a post on this pregnancy board that I go to occasionally asking if there were women who were overweight and concerned about their weight in relation to their baby.  So naturally I contacted them as all I keep doing is gaining weight.

Interestingly they couldn’t message me back (something to do with not enough posts to send messages on the board) so she found a thread I had posted in and tried to contact me that way!  When I was talking to her on the phone she talked about how she googled my username to find posts I had posted on so she could contact me!  She seemed really keen on getting ahold of me which I was rather excited about 🙂

She was super sweet and lovely.  She got me talking all about how I met Mr.notsoChubby and why I’m now living in the UK instead of the States and all that.  But I felt as though the more I talked the less keen she was on me.  😦  I think maybe I’m too aware of myself.  I know I shouldn’t be eating but I do, I know I should go to the gym but I don’t.  It seemed she was really looking for completely hopeless cases of women who don’t care or something.  But alas I had to be me right?

I’m super bummed because you get like £200 in Mothercare vouchers, a free 4D scan and loads of really cool medical equipment to check on your health that you wouldn’t normally get on the NHS.  She mentioned something about an amazing body composition machine.  I love stuff like that!  In the end she basically said “don’t call us we’ll call you.” hahahaha  Oh well, I’ve been there before.  I get so close to being on a TV program one other time.  That was until they talked to me and then… nothing.  I guess I’m better on paper.


2 Responses to “Better on paper.”

  1. Michelle November 17, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    What a fun phone call! Sounds like next time an opportunity arises like that you’ll have to play the helpless, ignorant girl who needs someone to come and rescue her. 🙂

  2. Chinky November 17, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    I think of this as a good thing though, because you’re NOT a hopeless case. Television shows like to exaggerate problems and show people at their extremes so it’s good that you weren’t chosen.

    Can you do mini-work outs or bounce around on an exercise ball at home?

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