The OW’s of Pregnancy

26 Nov

I read this in my baby forum I read all the time and thought I would share it as it made me giggle

Your baby is doing the Onesie Workout! Yes ladies, the OW is where it is at for the modern baby!

If you want to develop that cute baby bottom mommies love to kiss, if you want that chubby little baby belly daddies love to tickle then the OW is for you.

Just follow these simple steps to turn your in-utero gym to your full advantage:

* baby bum development: the bladder is where it is at babies! A series of well placed jumping jacks on the bouncy, bouncy bladder gives a perfect resistance for your exercising.
Added bonus is, this will make your mommy control unit get up and have a pee, meaning after your workout you will have that all important more leg room coming with an empty bladder.

* baby upper body strenght: just give that stomach some well aimed right hooks, feel that bounce back!
Added bonus here, your mommy control unit will likely munch on something which will make your watery surrounds taste loads better!

* the rib cage jungle gym for your enjoyment: kick it, swing from it or tickle it like a piano, the rib cage is just perfect for some light entertainment.

The Onesie Workout will have you transformed into that bouncy, bubbly bundle of baby joy that makes the room go ‘awwww’!

** The Onesie Workout is brought to you by the writers of ‘How to have maximum fun with mommies breakfast’ and ‘Why keeping mommy awake all night is really for her own good – including seven new places to kick’ and the publishers of ‘How to direct hormones directly at daddy in 98 easy steps’. **

Thanks MiuMiow for making me laugh. 🙂


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