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My crazy pregnancy hormones

17 Dec

The other day Hubby and I were not getting on.  Everything he was doing was just irritating the crap out of me.  It came to blows during the night when I was making some chocolate/peanut butter balls for the Christmas party we were about to go to.  I can’t remember why the arugment started (again) but I was yelling at him while making the peanut butter balls and told him to just shut up.  My normally very even keeled Husband then told me to “Fuck off” to which I started actually throwing the balls I had just made at him!   Those things weren’t soft either.  I mean I just completely lost it.  I threw the remaining plate at him, kicked my slipper into the tree and on the way out the door told him I can’t take it anymore, I hate him and I hate being married to him.   I then spent the rest of the evening (while at the Christmas party we still had to go to)  planning my escape from him and even more harshly wishing I wasn’t pregnant so that I could easily Divorce him.  But now that I’m having his baby we’ll always be tied together.

But seriously.. where the hell did all that come from? I mean we’ve had our fights in the past, even pre-preg.  But I’ve never told him I didn’t want to be married to him.  These hormones are a bitch.


London Baby!

12 Dec

I’ll be in London for about the next 4 days.  See you soon!

The next step

2 Dec

So remember a little while ago when I mentioned that TV show that may want me to be apart of their program?  Well I haven’t really been talking about because I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but my hopes are pretty high now!  Since then I’ve been on the phone to two other people having to explain my story again and again.  And then finally I get a call from this girl named Georgie.  She calls to tell me she want to actually come to MY house and interview me with a video camera!

She told me she’d be here at 12:30 on Monday.  Then called at 9am to tell me she’d be there at 11am instead.  And then she showed up at 10:30!!!  I was just barely dressed and still had sopping wet hair!  In the end though I just through my hair back in a pony tail and went ahead with the interview.  Well naturally I put a few bits of make-up on, hahaha.

She just sat me on the couch and started me asking all the same questions I’d already been asked three times before.  It’s really hard having to constantly talk about how much you eat and how lazy you are.  It’s one thing to do those things but a whole other to have to admit to them.  Then she wanted to film me in my kitchen and explain what my daily eating is like.  I showed her my goodie cupboard with all my chocolate, pop-tarts, kit-kats and chips.  And I showed her my fridge and how Mr.notsoChubby’s food was all the healthy homemade stuff and how mine was the chocolate cheese cake and processed crap.  Again, that’s really eye-opening when you have to show all that stuff at the same time.

So Georgie called me yesterday to say the video looks great but that she’s still waiting on the bosses to decide.    She also mentioned though that this would be the last time speaking to her and if I did get in that I would be speaking to another woman who will then be taking care of me for the rest of the filming process.  She seemed pretty confident that she would call me, but she just couldn’t say for sure. So I don’t want to say I’m totally in, but I will say that my hopes are high and I think given everything that’s allowed. 🙂