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Cheeky midwife

28 Jan

Just had another Midwife appointment and we went over my birth plan. Seemed most of it they would be doing anyways. There were only a few things we had to have a conversation over was her constantly using the word pain, I kept saying she could say intense, or uncomfortable but not pain. She just kept slipping back into the word when she was talking about procedures and such which would make us laugh. So that’s a positive at least.

I also told her I was fine with having them know how far along I am (without doing internals, more outer palpitations) but that I didn’t want to know. She didn’t quite understand this as she just assumed I would want to know that I’m 8cm, but I said if I’m only 4cm that could really set me back. I also truthfully wouldn’t want to know I’m 8cm because then I could see my brain thinking it’s almost over, but then what if it isn’t?! It would make me impatient. Anyways I tried to explain this to her, she just sometimes doesn’t get it.

As she was leaving she was saying she’d be back to check my blood pressure (she’d forgotten her stethoscope). Then she turns around and says “I can say check can’t I?” And then started cracking up. I just told her she’s getting too cheeky.


Take back your birth

27 Jan

I read this amazing blog today and I really captured how I’m feeling lately 🙂

Your birth is NOT an accident waiting to happen.

I’ll get right to the point. It bothers me when people warn my pregnant friends not to get “too hung up on a birth plan”. Not to imagine their birth going a specific way. Not to envision a positive birth experience that results in a healthy baby AND a satisfied mother, empowered by her body’s ability to do it’s job.

After all – you should be happy with what you get, as long as the baby is healthy, to heck with how YOU feel, or what YOU needed in order to start down the road of motherhood in the best way you can. Mothers are just not that important after all – machines can warm your baby, nurses can feed your baby, and doctors can monitor the baby to make sure it has a pulse and sufficient brain waves. So – if you need to be broken and medicated while others take care of your baby, well, that’s not really anything to cry about.

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Intense sensations

23 Jan

I had the WEIRDEST sensation today! I was out shopping and visiting the girls at my shop I work at when I started getting this intense pain in my left side.  I thought I just pulled something and went to sit down on a stool on the shop floor.  I started to get really hot and then all of a sudden the sensation completely trapped my entire stomach!  Now I’ve had braxton hicks… this was so much more intense than that.  I had to run into the stockroom to start gagging into the toilet I just couldn’t get it to calm down!

My goodness that better not be a contraction!  It like over took my whole body.  Make me sweaty and shaky and weak.    I had another one about 5 min later but not as bad as I was drinking water by then.  But then no more like that.  Tightenings again yes but gah not that other thing I felt!