Intense sensations

23 Jan

I had the WEIRDEST sensation today! I was out shopping and visiting the girls at my shop I work at when I started getting this intense pain in my left side.  I thought I just pulled something and went to sit down on a stool on the shop floor.  I started to get really hot and then all of a sudden the sensation completely trapped my entire stomach!  Now I’ve had braxton hicks… this was so much more intense than that.  I had to run into the stockroom to start gagging into the toilet I just couldn’t get it to calm down!

My goodness that better not be a contraction!  It like over took my whole body.  Make me sweaty and shaky and weak.    I had another one about 5 min later but not as bad as I was drinking water by then.  But then no more like that.  Tightenings again yes but gah not that other thing I felt!


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