Take back your birth

27 Jan

I read this amazing blog today and I really captured how I’m feeling lately 🙂

Your birth is NOT an accident waiting to happen.

I’ll get right to the point. It bothers me when people warn my pregnant friends not to get “too hung up on a birth plan”. Not to imagine their birth going a specific way. Not to envision a positive birth experience that results in a healthy baby AND a satisfied mother, empowered by her body’s ability to do it’s job.

After all – you should be happy with what you get, as long as the baby is healthy, to heck with how YOU feel, or what YOU needed in order to start down the road of motherhood in the best way you can. Mothers are just not that important after all – machines can warm your baby, nurses can feed your baby, and doctors can monitor the baby to make sure it has a pulse and sufficient brain waves. So – if you need to be broken and medicated while others take care of your baby, well, that’s not really anything to cry about.

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