I burnt my finger!

4 Feb

Well I just did the stupidest thing tonight! Got up just now around midnight because I decided I wanted to wax my chin (its been a jungle since the pregnancy) So I put my nifty wax in the microwave and upon taking it out to mix it must have popped some kind of wax bubble and it exploded all over the place! Mainly my middle finger and my tummy. I burst into tears thinking i hurt babs but since i had my shirt on all it did was hit the shirt and warm my tummy. my finger on the other hand hurts like hell! It’s completely swollen up now and the only way to even remotely relieve the pressure is to keep dipping it in cold water. It’s pretty much taken me twice as long to even post this. Which isn’t a problem seeing as I won’t be sleeping much until this pain goes away! :nope:


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