Why baby will come when she’s ready.

10 Feb

I got into a huge conversation last night at house church with a good friend of mine about Induction.  Naturally everyone was asking what I was doing to get my wee girl out and I said nothing.  So this friend of mine suggested Castor Oil to which I said if I was going to do anything that would be the last thing I would do.  It’s horrid, bad for you, and could potentially distress the baby.  She started going on about how her sister is a midwife and has done this every time and it’s work a charm.  Sometimes I think it’s worse when a person has a family member who is a medical profession.  Mainly because they think they know everything without having actually done any research.  :nope: So I said well my wee one will create her own chemicals when her lungs are ready and she’ll come out when she’s ready, if that means 42-43 weeks then so be it.  So then she goes on about how my sisters coming and why would I let my sister come all this way and not get to see the baby.  So I rather shortly spoke back to her that I would think my sister would have my babies best interest at hand and wouldn’t expect me to do anything to compromise her health, specifically like taking Castor oil!

Things were a bit tense after that.  I blame the hormones.


One Response to “Why baby will come when she’s ready.”

  1. Julie February 11, 2011 at 5:32 am #

    I completely understand and agree. I don’t know if hormones have anything to do with it. I think people just don’t get it sometimes. lol

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