Comparing pregnancy to puberty

15 Feb

What an amazing article this upcoming quote is.  The whole concept of comparing it to Puberty really struck home with me and made me realize just how unnatural we allow birthing to be! Hope you enjoy!

The Number Trap

Numbers: there sure are a lot of them in pregnancy and birth.

When’s your due date? How many weeks pregnant are you? Is this your first? How old are you?  What’s your BMI? You’re how many days overdue?! Is the baby’s head at least 3/5ths engaged yet? What time did your water break? How far apart are the contractions? How many seconds are they lasting? How many centimetres dilated is your cervix? How long have you been in labour? How long have you been pushing? What’s the baby’s heart rate? What is your blood pressure and temperature? How much does the baby weigh? How long is this whole process taking and do you fall within the averages we are comfortable with?


For comparison’s sake, let’s consider what would happen if we applied numbers and averages to another physiological process: puberty. As we all know, puberty varies greatly from person to  person. Even two siblings, raised in the same household and with similar genetic material, can have vastly different experiences of puberty, including different age of onset, length of its duration and effects on not only the body itself but one’s mental and emotional state. If we began analysing the data on puberty and then used the law of averages to try to control and streamline the process, it’s not difficult to imagine the distressing consequences.

Imagine telling a 13-year-old girl who has not experienced the onset of menstruation yet that she is ‘overdue’ her period (since the average age is 12) and that she must begin a course of drugs and synthetic hormones to try to stimulate the process to begin. Even if these procedures are successful in forcing her body into menstruation, what of the psychological side effects to this girl, to all girls, and, eventually, the whole of society? What does it do to her/our idea of what is normal and how much we all vary in our biology? The homogenising of our bodies (and our minds), all stuffed into a bureaucratic tick box along a curve of ‘normality’, can be a very dangerous thing indeed.

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One Response to “Comparing pregnancy to puberty”

  1. BrokenBirth February 16, 2011 at 7:57 am #

    I’m glad that my article resonated with you. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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