Cloth nappies for a newbie

13 Mar

Though I never expected to be fully in cloth already, we are! We started around week 2 once everything settled down and found once we started we couldn’t stop.  I thought she would be too tiny (7lbs 8oz) to go in any of the nappies yet but boy was I wrong. The one thing I never realized before but now look for in any nappy us having the aplix or the poppers able to over lap each other. I have found her her crazy skinny legs those are the only nappies in the house that fit her.

We love using muslins during the day with all the fun pre loved wraps I managed to find. And what’s even more fun is we’ve found our flip outers work GREAT with the muslins as well if we’ve run out of wraps! So they were so worth their money. If we think we’ll be out and about for awhile or she’ll nap longer than 2 hours we add a booster under the muslin and it’s working great! We found doing the Jo-fold in the beginning was best but we’re thinking of moving onto the origami fold now.

For night time we’re using bamboozles for right before bed time and then we have Bumgenius and naughty baby pockets for the middle of the night as psychologically it’s just easier to grab one of those when you’re dead tired. Plus Mr.notsoChubby is the one to get up at night time with her and it’s just easier for her. (Though to be fair for him he’s doing amazing at folding the muslins and has had no leaks!) The bamboozles are definitely much more absorbent but for now as at her longest she only goes 5 hours at a time she does great in a pocket without any extra boosters.

The down side to the bamboozles is how long they take to dry. Nearly 2-3 days and as we only have 5 we have to make sure not to use more than one a day really.

OH! And we’ve used flips a few times and so far love them. But we only have 2 inserts so haven’t had much experience yet. We decided to buy 5 more and I can’t wait to have a day of just flips. Just for fun! hahaha

So yea I’m just about to make my fleece liners now out of a purple blanket I found on sale at Tesco and am super excited to start putting these in the nappies. I’m really glad I’ve decided to do this. I thought it would be super hard but in the end we’re just finding what works and though it may not be “the right way” it’s working great for us and that’s what matters.


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