To work or not to work

15 Mar

So I’m thinking about going back to work.  (Retail manager) I had never intended to at all.  Not only did I hate my job but I loved the idea of being a house mom.  But now I feel like I need the identity and independence back.  I would only go back part time for like 12 hours a week.  So that would be 3 days at only 4 hours each day.  Enough to get me to take a shower and do my hair and make-up once in a while and interact with other women.  And before you tell me to go to play groups to have chats, what I meant was interact with women that talk about other things OTHER than their baby all the time.   😆

Seriously this is odd coming from me.  I was a full time nanny for about 3 years, a daycare worker before that and a preschool teacher before that.  I love kids!


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