The opposite of natural

17 Mar

While having a discussion with a woman about childbirth she said the following comment.

Labour only hurts as much as you believe it to hurt, and if you expect it to feel like the worst pain you’ve ever felt, it’ll become the worst pain you’ve ever felt.


Where as I have agreed with everything else she said up to this point I just wanted point out to her that last bit she mentioned isn’t always the case.  I am a 100% advocate for women birthing naturally.  I myself planned a home waterbirth, along with attending hypnobirthing classes to be sure I was in control of my body and trusted my body and baby to birth naturally.   I fully prepared myself that labouring would only be painful if I allowed it to be.  So it was a HUGE shock to me that no matter how much I relaxed, no matter how many times I listened to my relaxations, and no matter how much I tried to breath in my clary sage oil the pain was NOT going away.  It was by far the worst pain I’ve ever felt.

My biggest issue with pain relief at the moment is that they don’t give it to women when they ask.  They paint a picture that all women are the same and so if one women is at 2cm her pain obviously can’t be strong enough to be given anything and she is just a baby.  This is what gets me most and I don’t want women to go away from that comment thinking that just because they DID feel pain they were weak or over dramatic.  It’s just not the case.  Some women DO feel pain, and they feel it intensely.  These women should be taken more seriously and if they want pain relief, should be given it.

As a natural momma I fight all the time for women not to get all tied up with the numbers game.  To not allow hospitals and doctors to force things on them simply because they’re not progressing.  But on the other side of things women shouldn’t be denied anything because they’re not following this cookie cutter way a woman should be labouring.


One Response to “The opposite of natural”

  1. Michelle March 17, 2011 at 11:09 am #

    well said!

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