Pain in the back

29 Mar

I threw out my back Sunday afternoon while hanging up laundry, of all things! It was horrible though cause I had brought Phoebe down with me (I put her down on this inflatable donut thing we have) and so couldn’t bend down to bring her back up the stairs. So I had to leave my poor crying baby down in the communal garden (we live in a flat) while I struggled up the steps crying for Mr.notsoChubby to go get her. So then I was stuck in bed for a few days in extreme pain.

This happened to me a few years ago so at least I knew how to handle it a bit better. I think because of all my knowledge I managed to ease the pain off a bit faster than last time. Either that or these are really good pain meds! hahaha. At least I’m sitting up today. FINALLY I’m off my damn back.

I get to go see a chiropractor today. WOO!! Mr.nsc has Bupa at work so I gave them a call to see if they would cover a chiro if I have a back injury and they said they would. I just had to get a referral from my GP and find a chiro in the area that was free. Check and Check! I’m getting a bit giddy at the thought of getting all cracked. mmmmmmmmmmm


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