My first week with Herbalife

31 Mar

shakeSo I started Herbalife last week as I’ve been super keen to shift some of this baby weight. Because I’m still healing from my C-section (and now my stupid back) the gym isn’t exactly an option to me so I HAVE to start with my nutrition. The problem is since I’m taking care of a baby the last thing on my mind is my nutrition. Either I’ll snack in front of the TV mindless;y or I’ll just completely forget to eat it and then gorge out on food at dinner. Thus enters Herbalife!

In a nutshell Herbalife is a powder that you mix with some sort of liquid (be it milk, soya, juice) creating a shake that you then drink as your meal. There are many different ways to use Herbalife. Some people use it to lose weight, others to maintain and notably lots of athletes use it while training as an athlete will need to consume upwards to 3000-4000 calories on any give day. Herbalife offers that to them in an easy, nutritious, yummy way. For me obviously I’m going the losing weight route. Which requires me to replace two of my meals with these shakes. Then I have a well balanced dinner, carbs and all (Yummy potatoes!). In between my meals if I’m feeling hungry I can snack on all the fruits and vegetables I want.

I’ll be talking more about Herbalife over the course of the next months as I try it out and use up the products I have but for let me just say I’m loving it. I was definitely hungry in the beginning. No matter how much they claim it will keep you full if you are a big girl like me… nothing keeps you full. The great thing is by the end of the week I noticed I needed less in between my shakes, which means my stomach is definitely shrinking! And to top it all off I lost 6 lbs! (I’m keeping track of my new weight loss goals in the My Progress link up top.)

*Pictured is a shake I made with Apple juice, strawberries, ice and the vanilla flavour.


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