How do you raise your iron levels?

12 Apr

Ok so I FINALLY got my blood levels back from my 6 week check up. Seriously it’s been nearly 2 weeks with them constantly telling me to call back… call back… call back… grrrrr.  Anyways!  My iron was lower than 6 after all the blood loss due to my tear in my uterus and so the nurse wasn’t going to take my blood saying there’s no way it would be back up to normal. Normal for her was anywhere between 11 – 11.5. Well I called her up this afternoon (I finally got to speak to her!) and she informed me that my levels are in fact normal! Not only are they normal they’re all they way up to 13! She said she was very surprise by this but happy to hear it. I give all the credit to my placenta pills.

I keep meaning to explain my placenta pills on here.  I have loads of pictures and everything.   I suppose now I’ll need to get on that since they worked a treat for me. 🙂


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