Wellness challenge day 1

2 Aug

Wellness challenge day 1:

Woke up around 10am this morning. It’s been lovely over this past week because I’ve had to Mother in Law to stay. Most people would not think that was a good thing, I am luckily the opposite. Seeing as she’s a morning person it means I get a good sleep in while she gets up with my 5 month old daughter Phoebe.

Skipped breakfast this morning and had a chicken and bacon salad. The chicken was left over from a whole chicken we had yesterday and then I fried up some bacon. Managed to have a few glasses of water with it as well. The down side is I had it with ranch dressing and also had some left over fries from a take-a-way earlier in the week.

Got hungry around 5pm so stopped in asda to have a baked potato with tuna mayo on top. The downside is I had a few glasses of coke with it, and a few bits of my mother in law’s cheese cake.

For dinner we had ham steaks with pineapple, green beans and potatoes. I thought it was a healthy meal, and by all means it is, but I really, really need to cut the starch.


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