Day 2

3 Aug

Day 2…

Ahhh the dreaded day 2. Day 1, you’re all upbeat and in the grove then comes day 2 and you wonder what the hell you got yourself into. You can go one of two ways usually. Either suck it all up and keep with the program or go the complete opposite. I might have done the latter.

I had a banana for breakfast leaving me really hungry when I had to go to the doctors. So I ended up having hospital food in the form of a hamburger (albeit no bun!) and some fries. Along with a whole bottle of coke and then later on a cup of coffee.

For lunch I met my baby girl and my mother in law. I could have had whatever I wanted really. But I crazily didn’t feel well and so only went for the salad with turkey and lemon dressing. Weird how your body craves the healthy after a wee bit of purging you know?

For dinner I still wasn’t in the mood to eat much so instead of eating the beef with mushrooms and brocoli that I had prepared for the family I had rice cakes with almond butter and strawberry jam, with a banana and some chocolate cookies. *smack forhead*


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