29 Oct

Days 3, 4 & 5 haven’t been that bad actually. I can’t remember much about wed (which is why I should blog more). But yesterday my body must have been in the middle of a fast because I wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat until nearly 2. And when I did it was just chicken sausages. Then I went out for dinner (scary!) but it turned out to be amazing! Steak (no paprika) sweet potato with oil and cinnamon and asparagus with oil salt pepper and lemon juice. Yum! Yum! I did want to note that I felt very itchy on my legs that night.

Today was a bit different as I was hungry from the moment I woke up but didn’t have to eat until like 11. I had some left over chicken while I got some work done on a yard sale we were having. Munched on strawberries and grapes throughout the day and then had an amazing customer brin us some food from the hibachi grill! Killer! But I did manage to eat some crab and bacon wrapped crab for protein. For dinner we went out to Longhorn again and I had pretty much the same thing substitute asparagus for steamed veg. I want to mention again tonight I’m itchy on my legs. Not sure where that connection is from.

Blah correction!…
Wed is when I had longhorn first and felt itchy, Thursday we had chicken and green beans. Felt fine and had a good poo the next morning. Then friday is the same as above.

*writing on iPod so excuse the crappy writing. Just trying to get stuff down before I forget.


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