The real chubby girl

So much has changed since I decided to start this blog.  It just so happened that practically the minute I started it I got pregnant!! How great is that though?  So now I’m 26 years old and expecting our first baby!  Super excited by this, though not so much excited for the weight that is inevitably going to follow it.  I plan to get back on track with the whole weight loss blog thing after she’s born but for now you can just join me in ebb and flow of my life.

I am now living in a country that rains way too much because of the man I love.  (Still Mr. notsoChubby contrary to what you might read).  I miss my family more than life everyday and can’t wait for the day to go back home to them.

So this is me and this blog is all about me.  How selfish is that eh?


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