Day 2

3 Aug

Day 2…

Ahhh the dreaded day 2. Day 1, you’re all upbeat and in the grove then comes day 2 and you wonder what the hell you got yourself into. You can go one of two ways usually. Either suck it all up and keep with the program or go the complete opposite. I might have done the latter.

I had a banana for breakfast leaving me really hungry when I had to go to the doctors. So I ended up having hospital food in the form of a hamburger (albeit no bun!) and some fries. Along with a whole bottle of coke and then later on a cup of coffee.

For lunch I met my baby girl and my mother in law. I could have had whatever I wanted really. But I crazily didn’t feel well and so only went for the salad with turkey and lemon dressing. Weird how your body craves the healthy after a wee bit of purging you know?

For dinner I still wasn’t in the mood to eat much so instead of eating the beef with mushrooms and brocoli that I had prepared for the family I had rice cakes with almond butter and strawberry jam, with a banana and some chocolate cookies. *smack forhead*


Wellness challenge day 1

2 Aug

Wellness challenge day 1:

Woke up around 10am this morning. It’s been lovely over this past week because I’ve had to Mother in Law to stay. Most people would not think that was a good thing, I am luckily the opposite. Seeing as she’s a morning person it means I get a good sleep in while she gets up with my 5 month old daughter Phoebe.

Skipped breakfast this morning and had a chicken and bacon salad. The chicken was left over from a whole chicken we had yesterday and then I fried up some bacon. Managed to have a few glasses of water with it as well. The down side is I had it with ranch dressing and also had some left over fries from a take-a-way earlier in the week.

Got hungry around 5pm so stopped in asda to have a baked potato with tuna mayo on top. The downside is I had a few glasses of coke with it, and a few bits of my mother in law’s cheese cake.

For dinner we had ham steaks with pineapple, green beans and potatoes. I thought it was a healthy meal, and by all means it is, but I really, really need to cut the starch.

Begining Paleo

17 Jul

It’s been nearly two months since I last blogged.  I think after that revelation of being so large I sort of lost the plot, and thought.. well if I’m going to be fat then what’s the point of trying.  That was until I started reading about a paleo diet.  I really want to track my successes and failure with all of this I just don’t know where to start.  So I suppose this is me starting.

The family and I have started to eat Paleo.  I could explain what it means but it’s so hard to really pinpoint exactly what it is without getting into debates.  The main thing for us to get rid of the grains we eat because of all the lectins.  Don’t know what lectin’s are?  Google it, you’ll be shocked.



I’m huge!

5 May

I’m having a low day.  A low week even.  After weighing myself this morning I am 260lbs.  I was always ok with topping out at 259 after giving birth because it meant I never reached the 260 mark.  260 is big, in fact 260 is huge.  260 is what they put on shows like the biggest loser and then shake their heads in disbelief as to how they got that big.  I used to watch shows like that and think “There’s no way in HELL I would ever get that big.  How on earth did they do that to themselves?”  And yet here I am.  On top of the 260 my BMI has reached a staggering 46.1.  I went into pregnancy just under a 40 BMI which was great as it meant they weren’t too concerned about my weight interfering.  But if they looked at me now they would be saying a whole lot of other things.

I’ve never been this heavy in all my life.  Even when I was at my heaviest and felt like a complete cow I was only 247.   For the last 5 years I’ve always hovered around the 200 mark.  Making it to just about 193 before topping out at 220 but never really going much higher.  200 lbs seemed to be my brick wall though.  Every time I made it under I was ecstatic and vowed never to go above it again.  Yet here I am.  Here I am with a goal for the last 4 weeks to simply just be below 250!  And I couldn’t even do that!

I think I just assumed it wouldn’t be that hard.  That my body doesn’t want to be over 250 so as long as I am sensible with my eating it’ll just fall off.  Apparently my body has other plans.  I went for 9 long months not worry about a single thing that went into my mouth.  My biggest concern for the first 24 weeks was not throwing it back up so anytime I could keep anything down I ate it.  And ate it, and ate it, and ate it.   Bad habits are hard to break they say…

How do you raise your iron levels?

12 Apr

Ok so I FINALLY got my blood levels back from my 6 week check up. Seriously it’s been nearly 2 weeks with them constantly telling me to call back… call back… call back… grrrrr.  Anyways!  My iron was lower than 6 after all the blood loss due to my tear in my uterus and so the nurse wasn’t going to take my blood saying there’s no way it would be back up to normal. Normal for her was anywhere between 11 – 11.5. Well I called her up this afternoon (I finally got to speak to her!) and she informed me that my levels are in fact normal! Not only are they normal they’re all they way up to 13! She said she was very surprise by this but happy to hear it. I give all the credit to my placenta pills.

I keep meaning to explain my placenta pills on here.  I have loads of pictures and everything.   I suppose now I’ll need to get on that since they worked a treat for me. 🙂