one week down

31 Oct

So I weighed myself this morning and weighed in at 257.  Now I know why I try not to make it all about weight loss because if I did, then I would be very disappointed in myself this week.  Instead I’m incredibly proud of myself for making it a whole week without one piece of chocolate, bread, corn, potatoes, etc… going into my body.  And let me tell you I feel amazing!  I’m so glad I was able to really be able to write this down and show myself how good I’m doing.  I’m so blessed that God is looking over me and my sister during this month and helping us through it.  Of course my sister has lost 4lbs, and she’s not even finished her week.  so blah!

We’re still trying to figure out a few things in our bodies though.  I’m still having the itches on my legs and last night both are tummies hurt after chicken and veg.  We think it might have been the broccoli though, and when our tum tum’s our healed we should be able to to handle it.



29 Oct

Days 3, 4 & 5 haven’t been that bad actually. I can’t remember much about wed (which is why I should blog more). But yesterday my body must have been in the middle of a fast because I wasn’t hungry and didn’t eat until nearly 2. And when I did it was just chicken sausages. Then I went out for dinner (scary!) but it turned out to be amazing! Steak (no paprika) sweet potato with oil and cinnamon and asparagus with oil salt pepper and lemon juice. Yum! Yum! I did want to note that I felt very itchy on my legs that night.

Today was a bit different as I was hungry from the moment I woke up but didn’t have to eat until like 11. I had some left over chicken while I got some work done on a yard sale we were having. Munched on strawberries and grapes throughout the day and then had an amazing customer brin us some food from the hibachi grill! Killer! But I did manage to eat some crab and bacon wrapped crab for protein. For dinner we went out to Longhorn again and I had pretty much the same thing substitute asparagus for steamed veg. I want to mention again tonight I’m itchy on my legs. Not sure where that connection is from.

Blah correction!…
Wed is when I had longhorn first and felt itchy, Thursday we had chicken and green beans. Felt fine and had a good poo the next morning. Then friday is the same as above.

*writing on iPod so excuse the crappy writing. Just trying to get stuff down before I forget.

This is harder than I thought

26 Oct

So I’m just about finished with day two of the elimination diet and am finding it incredibly hard.  Today I drove by fast food restaurants that I haven’t wanted to touch in ages and yet all I could think about was getting a  soft taco supreme, or a junior bacon cheese burger.  The good side of it though, is that I did NOT get any of those things.  Of course it helped that I didn’t have my wallet with me.  (A little trick I do when I’m taking the kids somewhere so I don’t splurge)

I broke down to my sister and told her I didn’t want to do this anymore.  She hasn’t even started!  The girl drank a mountain dew at Panera today and so has to start all over.  And yet she took the time to search for the perfect salad she could have from there.  Silly eh?  She got back from the doctors today and got the results from her allergy and gut tests.  Turns out she does have a leaky gut and is allergic to milk and eggs.  She was shocked as milk has never been an issue with her.  But I think taking it out of her diet will be amazing for her.

What I ate:

Banana and strawberry smoothie for breakfast.  A garden salad (Endive lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, ham, turket, balsamic vin dressing.)  and water for lunch.  Half and apple and some grapes for a snack.  And a turkey burger with turkey bacon and a sweet potato with coconut oil and cinnamon for dinner, with water as well.

How I feel:

Surprisingly I feel rather good.  I’m a bit stressed out and can feel that creeping towards other issues in my life.  Specifically my marriage and the kids.  I just don’t have the patience for either like I would normally like to.  I think it may be because I’m hungry.  I have to remember not to be hungry, that I can eat, just not the bad stuff.  My back today though feels great.  Still stiff, but I haven’t had any pain radiating down my legs and I was able to sit on the floor today.  Score!

Elimination Diet

25 Oct

My sister is sadly in the middle of a relapse with her Multiple Sclerosis.  Thankfully it hasn’t gotten to a point where she can’t use any of her limbs but it was enough for both of us to sit up straighter and question our diets.   Since I’m staying with her for 3 weeks (1 of those has already passed)  We decided to to the 30 day Auto Immune Protocol, or better known as an elimination diet.   My mother is Coeliac and as that’s another autoimmune disease I find myself between a rock and a hard place.  I don’t want to wind up like either of these great women.

Day one has gone a bit harder than I thought it would be.  I’ve managed to completely cut gluten out of the diet for months now without so much as a sweat.  Ok maybe a little with the pizza comes around, lol.  But otherwise I am free of it and mostly of corn and soft dairy.  As of late, since I’m with my family and all that I haven’t been as good as I’d like to.  Which I think may easily be the cause why today I was tempted to eat a whole tub of butter.

What I ate:

Pear for breakfast, hot dogs with broccoli, carrots and cauliflower for lunch.  And fish with the same veggie for dinner.  My sweet tooth (which really wanted a milkshake!)  Was suppressed with a simple glass of apple juice.  🙂

How I feel:

Honestly I feel like shit.  My stomach starting really cramping up after dinner and I have to run and go poo quite regularly.   Is this my body flushing itself out?  Or perhaps my body doesn’t like broccoli and I should look to eliminate that as well?  This is when I get confused.


My sister’s off to the store to get us some more foods for the week.  It wasn’t exactly the smarted thing to start a diet in which you can’t eat anything in your house!

Day 3

5 Aug

Day 3…

I’ve been keeping track of my food on fitday thanks to the recommendation of W.Mama.  It’s been great to keep track of my carb intake and vitamins more so than my calories, like I’ve done for so long in my life.  Yesterday Hubby and I got to go to Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo.  It was amazing and we had amazing food!

Gluten free pizza and brownies! woo!

Ok so my carb intake was a bit higher yesterday than it should be but you always need a bit of fun right? lol