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Week 5/14

28 Jun

Remember how I said I was back up and kicking last week.  Yea well that was short-lived.  Oh man I really didn’t have any motivation to go to the gym.  I still have the eating thing down but apparently when I don’t excercise I gain weight.  To me that doesn’t make sense so maybe actually my diet isn’t as good as I think it is.   But truthfully I don’t really believe that because I haven’t wanted to eat much at all.  Of course I say that and I did have McD’s and KFC this week.  Ok so maybe now I’m understanding the weight gain.  So much for the challenge in the Biggest Loser.

Big Goal: Lose 25lbs in 3 months for my new Weight Loss Challenge

Medium Goal: Lose 1 lb this week

This weeks goal: I need to get 30 minutes of excercise everyday

Weight: 225.2


Graffiti artist

24 Jun

My new favourite way to waste my day?  Graffiti on Yahoo games.  It’s pretty much pictionary but not called pictionary because of copyright reasons.  So it’s Graffiti!!  The only drawback is that there’s only like 30 people at max in the room at a time.  If you’ve ever played yahoo games you know it’s more like 200 in each room.  But still fun non-the-less.

This is what I did today instead of going to the gym.  If I keep this up I don’t think I’ll make the challenge on VBL.  (Challenge: get into the next set of 10’s in your weight.  So if you are 223 – like me – then you need to lose 4lbs to get to 219.  If you weight 199 then you need to lose 10lbs to get to 189.  Get it?)

The baby blob

23 Jun

Wanna see what a 6 week 1 day old baby looks like?  Well just take a gander at that there blob in the middle of that black hole.  Apparently that’s my baby. 🙂 The nurse told me everything looks fine (WOO!) and she even saw a flicker (OMG!!)  Which means everything is A-OK!

It’s said that a woman with PCOS has a 45% chance of miscarriage.  Something I am deathly afraid of.  But after you see the flicker they say that the chances go down to 10%.  I’m liking those odds a whole lot more now!  After having this ultrasound scan I can smile a lot wider and breathe a little easier.  I’m having a baby!!!

Week 4/14 – VBL

22 Jun

Big Goal: Lose 25lbs in 3 months for my new Weight Loss Challenge

Medium Goal: Lose 1 lb this week

  • Oh dear gained a pound.  You know what I didn’t even gain a full pound just .6 of it. grrrr

This weeks goal: I need to get 30 minutes of excercise everyday

  • Not so great this week.  I’ve felt quite ill and have used it as an excuse not to do much.  Of course I am pregnant so I do have an excuse.  But then again look what happens when I don’t go.. I gain. Interesting… very interesting.

Weight: 223.6

  • I don’t wanna talk about it *pouts*

I’m not down about the week really.  I already am back up and kicking.  I just got back from the gym where I spent 20 min spinning and 15 min swimming.  Along with a 15 min walk there and back.  Back on track baby!

Father’s day ruined by the mother

20 Jun

Today is Father’s day in both the US and the UK. (unlike mother’s day which is on two separate days, let alone months)  I wanted to call my daddy (yes I’m the type of girl who still wants to call her father, daddy)  But I’m in the middle of a horrible family fight with my mother at the moment, that sadly, I couldn’t even stand to hear her voice enough to call him.

The day I called my mother to tell her that I was pregnant I also let a few things out about how I feel she’s treating my sister at the moment.  For those of you just now popping in my sister (and best friend all though she’s 10 years my senior) was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) back in January of this month.

I wouldn’t say that my mother has EVER been a good one.  I recognize that half of who I am today is because of my sister and the fact that she raised me when my mother wouldn’t.  One quarter of me is who I am by witnessing how my mother treated us and doing everything in the opposite manner.  But if I’m being honest the other Quarter is who I am because I have so much IN COMMON with her.  There in lies the problem.  I have such high hopes for her.

So anywho back to the problem at hand, I was expressing to my mother that I was concerned she wasn’t giving enough of herself to my sister emotionally.  That my sister desperately wants a mother who will ask her how her day is and how she’s getting on with her MS.  Instead all my mother does when she calls is talk about her life and why it’s sucking at the moment.  At one point during the conversation I was having with her she shamelessly compared her life (the fact that she’s doesn’t have job, yet gets by perfectly fine in her nice big house) to my sister having MS.  Actually saying my sister is the one that needs to stop being so selfish and that she’s not the only one with problems.  PROBLEMS?!  I would say MS is more than a PROBLEM!!  What will it take her to see how bad she’s actually doing?  Becoming paralyzed and being stuck in a wheelchair.  She already lost some feeling in her left leg the other week causing her to fall and fracture her foot (Bless the Lord it’s come back again though) does she need more than that?  The selfishness! I mean honestly!

My sister wrote her a very long and heart-felt e-mail expressing her desire to want a deeper relationship with her own mother.  My mom’s response?

“I am truly tired of this drama… Do you truly think you are the only person struggling with life difficulties at this moment…my trust with my life with you is not there.”

Can we say self-indulgent, over dramatic and completely immature?  *sigh*