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How to lose 120 pounds

22 Sep

18 weeks and Nesting

16 Sep

So I’ve been off work for a week and some days with this UTI but I finally went back to work on Tuesday.  Truth be told I had a great day with lots of energy to do things like talk to customers and make jokes with the girls as opposed to trying to sleep in the fitting room when no ones looking.    So when I woke up Wednesday morning with horrible cramps and feeling nauseous again I lost it because I thought I would never feel better again.  I called off work and just laid around the house.  That was until about 2pm when all of a sudden I decided the dishes needed done.

While the dishes were soaking in the sink I realized that the stove was a mess.  Along with the stove was the microwave, then the countertops, then the coffee maker, then the stove, then the windows.   After the windows came the shelves in the living room (attached to the kitchen so I saw they were messy while cleaning the counters)  Then I found random crap lying around the living room that belonged in the bedroom.  So once I stepped in the bedroom I realized my jewelry needed organized and my dressing table needed wiped down.  Amongst many other bedroom oriented cleaning.  So much for being sick eh?

I thought it would just be a one day thing but when I woke up this morning I decided it was time to tackle the guest bedroom.  I’m sure you have a room like that in your house.  The room all your junk goes to die.  It’s a bit like the Leaky Cauldron (Potter reference) only if you really want to see it will it appear.  Otherwise you pretend it doesn’t exist.

FINALLY! you can see the bed (I’ll be cleaning the bedding next week if I still feel this way)  The desk is all wiped down and germ free, the clothes and books we’ve been wanting to donate for about a month now are all down in my car now waiting to go to Goodwill.   The numerous baby gifts we’ve been given all have home and I am now proud to sit in that room and do my hair and make up in the morning. 🙂

You must realize that although I like a clean house, it doesn’t mean I clean it.  Over the past 18 weeks I have learned to live with the laundry coming out of my ass and the dust that is 2 inches thick.    The dishes that start to pile up so high we’re actually losing counter space and the kitchen floor that you need to watch where you walk so you don’t step on a cheerio.  God Bless Mr.notsoChubby but he can only do so much as one person.  Though as I say that the apartment is spotless and gorgeous because of one person.  Perhaps he should step it up a bit. hahaha.

Baby Swimming Inflatable Neck Collar Float Ring

12 Sep

Have you seen this product? Apparently called the Baby Swimming Inflatable Neck Collar Float Ring (Seriously couldn’t think of a more clever name for it?) It’s meant to go around a baby’s neck to give them full access while swimming. It’s supposed to be great for children who are much younger and don’t have the ability to hold their heads up yet. But those children still want to be able to kick and swim without mommy’s or daddy’s hand getting in the way.

On first viewing I was appalled, scared, disgusted and just plain weirded out. Though while I kept doing my homework I’ve actually decided that I want one!! I’m obsessed with getting my little cute babykins into the water asap. I was told I could do it as early as 2 months old in the indoor pool I go to so long as they seem happy! I’m so pumped.

The only actual thing stopping me from getting this awesome cool ring though is the looks I will ultimately get from others at the pool. The same looks I initially gave this interesting invention. So I supposed I’ll stick with the holding tight thing for now and see if they’ll like a floatie later on 🙂

UTI while pregnant

10 Sep

So after seeing the stupidest GP (That’s a general practitioner for the US clan) on Monday and having him tell me, in what I think may have been English but honestly couldn’t tell due to his accent, that I was fine and to just go home.  I decided to call them back and book an appointment with my GP.  I’m glad I did as the minute I walked in she knew there was something wrong with me.  Checked out my abdomen, took some good ‘ol pee from me and concluded I have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  This was something I hadn’t even considered I had because I had non of that burning pee you always hear about nor did I have the feeling that I always had to go without actually going.   She helped me to see though that UTI’s mask themselves in different ways for pregnant women but that it can be very dangerous.

She seemed only mildly worried that my symptoms were further in my belly and crampy.  Something to do with a possible kidney infection, which when I looked up freaked the crap out of me.  So hopefully I DO NOT have that.  I told her how on Friday night of last week I felt feverish, nauseous and I had cramps so bad they were making me double over in pain.  I assumed I just ate something bad but she told me if that happens again to call the emergency triage asap.  We think it was more my kidney’s acting up.  Oops?

I suppose sometimes it is just better to listen to your body.  As that’s me off for another few days from work while the antibiotics kick in.

Listening vs. Sucking it up

6 Sep

The biggest problem I’m having with this pregnancy at the moment is whether or not to listen to my body.  Being an overweight girl, I’ve constantly been told not to listen to my body.  To push past the pain and only then will I succeed.  I’m meant to continue running that mile even though my insides are about to explode because I can’t get enough breath in.  I meant to do one last set of bicep curls even though my muscles are ripping at the seem.  Because see you learn, you won’t explode… and they won’t rip.

But now, I’m pregnant.  And all you ever hear when your pregnant is to listen to you body.  Hungry? EAT!  Tired? REST! Horrible cramping pains? SIT DOWN!  Only thing is when is listening to your body too much?  Should I be pushing my self more?  I’ve already gained like 10 lbs and I’m only 17 weeks in.  Does that mean I need to stop eating as much?  But then I can’t do that because I get really nauseous if I get too hungry.  So then maybe I need to eat healthier?  Only I have this aversion to pretty much anything that isn’t burritos, grapes or popcorn.  So how do I work that out?  The tiredness I can deal with.  I have learned while at work you just have to suck it up.  My eyes get really sore and I end up with migraines when I get home, but I’ve learned I or babyhopefullyneverchubby won’t be in any danger. But then there are this cramping pains (NOT the normal growing ones, more like contractions) I’m getting just now.  Is it normal? Is it preterm labour? Is it hurting the baby?  Is it fine?  I DON’T KNOW!!!  And I don’t think the stressing is helping. Nor are incompetent GPs (Doctors).